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EN 35NiCr6 1.5815

Translate this page35NiCr6 /1.5815 forged steel round bar .Process EAF+LF+VD+Forged+Heat Treatment(optional) SIZE RANGE Round Hot Rolled 10-320mm.Hot Forged 80mm-1500mm.Flat Hot forged Thickness:150-600mm Width up to 1600mm .SURFACE FINISHES Black,Turned Grinded .35NiCr6 /1.5815 forged steel bar .Test Ultrasonic test according to SEP 1921-84C/c,D/d30CrNiMo16-6 datasheet,30CrNiMo16-6Specifications 30CrNiMo16-6 datasheet,30CrNiMo16-6 Chemical,30CrNiMo16-6 properties from Steelmaking,ESR melted,Blooming,hot forging,Hot rolling,Heat treat,Straightening,Ultrasonic test,Cold working or Machined.Technical specification - NF EN 10083-3.We also possess the advanced precision machining equipments for further processing.35NC6 FE-PL62 DIN 1.5815 35NiCr6 Steel - NQA ISO 2.1.5815 Application.Steel for heat improvement characterized by high strength properties,good ductility,resistance to fatigue and impact.Used for heavy-duty parts of engines,devices and machines,used in the production of crankshafts,gears,shafts,piston rods,bolts,heat

35NC6 FE-PL62 DIN1.5815 35NiCr6 Steel - Special steel

HEAT TREATMENT Process,TEMPERATURE °C,Cooling Medium.Hot plastic deformation,850-1100,/ Normalization,850-880,air.Soft annealing,640-690,air.Hardening,840-860,oil.Tempering,530-630,air.Mills test certificate EN 10204/3.1 with all relevant data reg.chem 35nicr6 datasheet 35nicr6 chemical 35nicr6 heat treatmentposition,mech.properties and results of testing.More information35NCD16 Valve,35NCD16 flanges,35NCD16 Pipe35NCD16 angle bars,35NCD16 flanges,Pipe Fitting,Steel Pipe,Heat Exchanger and Reducer,Gasket,Tee,Pipe Fitting,Tube Plate,have all specifications.With many yeas production experience,strict control 35NCD16 chemical composition and 35NCD16 mechanical properties.35NiCr6 / 1.5815 - SteelNumber - Chemical composition Chemical composition of steel 35NiCr6 (1.5815),Standards of steel 35NiCr6 (1.5815) Mechanical Properties of steel 35NiCr6 (1.5815) Equivalent grades of steel 35NiCr6 (1.5815) steel 35NiCr6 (1.5815) Tensile Strength,Elongation,Proof strength ,Hardness

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Application 35NiCr6 Alloy steel for heat improvement characterized by high strength properties,good ductility,resistance to fatigue and impact.Used for heavy-duty parts of engines,devices and machines,used in the production of crankshafts,gears,shafts,bolts,heat-treated gears and piston rods,etc.35NiCr6 Steel - Hardenability Diagram35NiCr6 Steel Steel name 35NiCr6 Diagram No.934 DIN designation 35NiCr6 Mat.No.(Wr.Nr.) designation 1.5815 Chemical composition in weight % 0.30-0.37% C,max.0.40% Si,0.60-0.90% Mn,max.0.025% P,max.0.025% S,0.80-1.10% Cr,1.20-1.60% Ni Steel group Alloy special structural steels Applications No data Comment No data35NiCr6 Valve,35NiCr6 flanges,35NiCr6 Pipe Fitting,35NiCr6 35NiCr6 Heat treatment,production completely according to the 35NiCr6 standards to meet the 35NiCr6 Heat treatment,can also according to the customer request,to meet the requirements of customers of 35NiCr6 Heat treatment.

35NiCr6 datasheet,35NiCr6 chemical,35NiCr6 heat treatment

Technical specification of French standards Quenched and tempered steel 35NiCr6 datasheet,35NiCr6 Chemical compositions,NF 35NiCr6 mechanical properties from Steelmaking,ESR melted,Blooming,Forging,Hot rolling,Heat treatment,Straightening,Ultrasonic test,Cold working or Machined.35NiCr6 in EN10083/3-2006 standard - EQUIMETALSHeat treatment information (35NiCr6) available instructions for many scenarios,such as Exact matches for 35NiCr6 in EN10083/3-2006 standard.quenching - (min.1/2 h) quenching - oil; quenching - water; tempering - (min.1 h)35NiCr6+H,35NiCr6+HH,35NiCr6+HL SteelsDIN designation 35NiCr6 Mat.No.(Wr.Nr.) designation 1.5815 Chemical composition in weight % See the chemical composition table Steel group Alloy steels Applications No data Comment Scatter bands for the Rockwell - C hardness in the end quench hardenability test.Reference Not shown in this demo version.Heat Treatment End quench test 850 +/-5 C

35NiCr6,36NiCr6,35NC6,1.5710,1.5815 - alloy steel

35NiCr6,1.5815,36NiCr6,1.5710 - specifications and application Steel for heat improvement characterized by high strength properties,good ductility,resistance to fatigue and impact.Used for heavy-duty parts of engines,devices and machines,used in the production of crankshafts,gears,shafts,piston rods,bolts,heat-treated gears and piston rods.36NiCrMo16 Steel for Quenching and Tempering 1.6773 36NiCrMo16 Steel for Quenching and Tempering 1.6773 35NCD16.Application.36NiCrMo16 steel is permanent chromium-nickel-molybdenum alloy construction steels for the most heavy-duty machine parts,construction and equipment,and for aviation and aerospace industries,etc.36NiCrMo16,39NiCrMo3,40NiCrMo7 - alloy steelsThe group of structural steel alloys with a carbon range of about 0.25-0.50%,which require good mechanical properties with good ductility,and the ability to perform machining after heat treatment.The heat treatment (+ QT,-T) of the materials consists of a combination of tempering operations at about 800-1000 and high tempering at about 500-700 ,resulting in the formation of a sorbite (ferrite

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Aubert Duval designs and processes superalloys,high performance steels,aluminum and titanium alloys in the form of bars,powders and forgings.BS EN 2438:2008 - Aerospace series.Steel FE-PL2102 BS EN 2438:2008 Aerospace series.Steel FE-PL2102 (35NiCr6).900 MPa Rm 1100 MPa.Bars.De 40 mm Status Current Published September 2009BS970 Specifications BS 970 equivalent - AshtapadA The steel is supplied to a chemical compostion determine by analysis of the batch sample. In addition to the above coding a condition coding may be applied.indicating the tensile strength range after heat treatment.This is used in conjunction with a limiting section designation. bs 970 080m40 data sheet bs 970 numbering system bs

DIN EN 10083-3 - [PDF Document]

Sep 26,2015·c) Grades 38CrS2,46CrS2,and 36CrNiMo4 have been deleted,while grades 35NiCr6,39NiCrMo3 and 30NiCrMo16-6 have been added.d) Manufacturers can now verify hardenability by calculation where this is possible.e) The standard has been editorially revised.The following corrections have been made to DIN EN 10083-3:2006-10:EN 10083 Quenched and Tempered Steel - Guanyu TubeEN 10083 Quenched and Tempered Steel.EN 10083-1 The scope of this standard relates to Steel supplied to this standard are suitable for hardening and in the quenching and tempering condition have good toughness at a given tensile strength The steel are named according to EN 10027-1 and numbered in accordance with EN 1027-2.The steel is primarily specified by the purchaser as follows:EN 35NiCr6 1.5815Translate this pageAir transport engineering,Steels,Bars (materials),Chemical composition,Air,Melting,Dimensions,Heat treatment,Proof stress,Tensile strength,Elongation,Hardness,Impact strength,Hardenability Application s.35NiCr6 /1.5815 forged steel bar For permanently stressed components with large cross sections for automotive and mechanical

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GJL (old GG),grey cast iron with lamellar graphite - the 250 and 300 have very good wear resistance.GJS (old GGG),grey cast iron with nodular graphite - high ductility,suitable for heat treatment,from 500 hard wearing,gears (Source_1,Source_2).Sheets Plates by Tennant MetalsSheets Plates Flat rolled sheets in standard formats and special sizes according to European and US standards.As certified stockist and processing company in accordance to EN 9100 and EN 9120,we offer your company an extensive range of products.Some results are removed in response to a notice of local law requirement.For more information,please see here.12345Next

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CNS 35NiCr6 - - 35NC6 - - - - - - 0.35 1.20 0.85 - - - T + Rv 550°C T + Rv 650°C 1100 900 950 750 14.5 18 85 120 SPECIFICATIONS MAIN STANDARDS CHEMICAL COMPOSITION HEAT TREATMENT see key below MECHANICAL PROPERTIES APPLICATIONS European standard USA Common designation AIR WL AMS NF-EN /NF-EN-ISO / NF-A ASTM C Ni Cr Mo V Others UTSSquare steel bars buy square steel - MetinvestSquare metal bars in accordance with the standards of Ukraine,the CIS countries,Europe and America from the manufacturer Metinvest.To buy a steel square in bulk a wide range of brands and sizes,pre-sale preparation,deliverySteel round bars buy round steel - MetinvestQuenching and tempering is a heat treatment process,which includes heating steel to a specified temperature,holding it there,then cooling it suddenly in different media like water,oil or polymers at a speed above the critical.

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Materials 1.0 is a collection of datasheet related to materials with an engineering use that provides many dates about chimical,physical,mechanical and technological characteristics compared with the heat treatmentSteels for quenching and tempering Part 3 Technical induction hardening steels and supplied in one of the heat treatment conditions given for the different types of products in Table 1,lines 2 to 6,and in one of the surface conditions given in Table 2.The steels are generally intended for the fabrication of quenched and tempered,flame orTable of contents - Register of the designations listed 35mn2mo45 35c8 1.0726 35s20 a35 c1490 f.2131 1.0756 35spb20 f.2132 metasco ba 1.4122 3h17m 420rm ms-122 pk335 val3 x39crmo17-1 z 38 cd 16-01 35nicr6 cns 35nicr11 35nicrmo2 35nicrmo4 35nicrmo14 1.2766 1.6747 1.6773 30nicrmo16-6 34 nicrmo 16 35ncd16 35ncd16 vac-arc 35nicrmo16 36nicrmo16 36 nicrmo 16 819b 835 m 30 9160/c 47 9160c121 ancm bgh 2766

Technik der heißen geschmiedeten legierter Stahl-Stange en

Translate this pageHohe Qualität Technik der heißen geschmiedeten legierter Stahl-Stange en 35NiCr6 1,5815 de la Chine,Hot Forged Alloy Steel Bar produkt,mit strenger Qualitätskontrolle EN 35NiCr6 Alloy Steel Bar usines,hohe Qualität produzieren 1.5815 Engineering Forged Steel Bar produits.

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